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MD Lace Scarf & WIP

I must be on a role because this is the second FO I’ve managed to get done this long weekend! Gosh how I love long weekends : ) don’t think I’ve mentioned this beauty before but I decided to knit a lovely mohair blend lace scarf for my mum this Mother’s Day – she’s a big fan of the thin mohair feel type scarf. She had a similar one (store bought) in a simple pink colourway a few years ago that she loved to wear but sadly it tore so I thought I could make a handmade newby. I initially started with a simple st st pattern but decided that was too easy and I needed a challenge so I found a delicate yet simple pattern. I started the scarf a few weeks ago and although she was a quick knit I stopped halfway through for some reason (distracted by socks I think). Anywho I picked up the pace and here she is:

Pattern: Rabbit paw print scarf, from:
Yarn: Cleckheaton Studio Mohair – 50% Mohair, 50% Acrylic
Colourway:Pink blends into a grey and a brown, not what I would usually go for but I think it works
Needles: 7mm
Modifications: I didn’t follow the pattern specifically since the yarn in the first place was the wrong ply. So my needle size and gauge was different
Thoughts: A pretty nice pattern, I liked the effect of the 4 ‘rabbit paws’ and the repeat was pretty easy since it was only 4 rows!
Blocking?: The scarf curled in quite a bit so I tried to block it afterwards which did help a bit but didn’t completely solve the problem.. I wonder if it was my tension or the wool or simply the pattern – any ideas?

Here is a photo of it all wraped up! Complete with one of my handmade tags a nice big bow and some simple cream gift paper – well in time for Mother’s Day!

Now for a project…
Yesterday I was down at my LYS and I had the oppertunity to stock up for my next project, in the back of my mind I was looking for a lovely aran weight yarn, but I was taken away with all the sock wool I could experiment with, and then I saw all the feltable wool and my head went into spasms with all the possibilities – then I saw it, Debbie Bliss Casmerino Aran I hadn’t even heard of it before! I was just taken away by it’s softness and the aray of colours I got to choose from! I knew what to to with it and I knew what colour I would do it with (a soft pale pink) and I tell you – I don’t know how I lived without this yarn!

Working away on Slouchy Socks from Easy Knitted Accessories with the yarn of my dreams, I must say knitting socks on two straight needles after my epic 5 needle socks is quite different! Part of the reason for choosing to knit these was to see the difference in the structure and make-up plus compared to dpn socks and they look awfully comfy! I’m only up to the ribbing (still) but I’m enjoying working on it and hopefully they should be finished soon!


Before I go to continue working on slouchy, I shall order some Rowan All Seasons Cotton in Pistachio for this cosy thing: Swank by Kim Hargreaves
– I’m pumped : )

Happy knitting xx


Casting On

Earlier yesterday I was searching the net for stich dictionaries (books that explain the various knitting stiches) I came across a few that could be shipped down to Australia and one of them that I narrowed down to was Super Stiches Knitting by Karen Hemingway. I liked it because not only was it a stich dictionary but also a knitting guide at the start, plus it included over 300 stich patterns!
I would just like to know (if there anyone out there reading this :] ) if you have a stich dictionary, and if so which one?

Getting on with my knitting, I have decided to knit up a baby blanket using a simple sugar cube stich with a garter border.
I visited my LYS today and picked out a beautiful Moda Vera ‘Chantilly’ yarn in a butter yellow. It’s incredibly soft and is made up of 70% Acrylic & 30% Milk. It feels nothing like acrylic and would be lovely for any bub. Despite my love for it’s texture I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest yarn to work with and caused me alot of trouble when casting on. Do you sometimes get a really big first row when you cast on using the 2 needle method? I often get that problem, but never as bad as today maybe it was my tension, or the needles were wrong but nothing seemed to work! In the end I frogged my first 5 rows and cast on with smaller needles then went up to the big ones for the first row. This somewhat fixed my problem but I still have a weird gap at the start.
Herdwick Dell Scarf 3
– I have only completed around 2/5 of the scarf –

I have a couple of photos of a lovely Herdwick Dell scarf from a Lion Brand hat and scarf pattern. I started this set late last year and the hat was a very quick knit, the scarf however is still sitting around waiting to be finished and I just can’t bring myself to finish it. This was my first attempt at cables, and I’m hooked! I still haven’t decided who it will go to.

Herdwick Dell Scarf 1
– A closer look at the cable pattern –

Happy Knitting : ]