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Casting On

Earlier yesterday I was searching the net for stich dictionaries (books that explain the various knitting stiches) I came across a few that could be shipped down to Australia and one of them that I narrowed down to was Super Stiches Knitting by Karen Hemingway. I liked it because not only was it a stich dictionary but also a knitting guide at the start, plus it included over 300 stich patterns!
I would just like to know (if there anyone out there reading this :] ) if you have a stich dictionary, and if so which one?

Getting on with my knitting, I have decided to knit up a baby blanket using a simple sugar cube stich with a garter border.
I visited my LYS today and picked out a beautiful Moda Vera ‘Chantilly’ yarn in a butter yellow. It’s incredibly soft and is made up of 70% Acrylic & 30% Milk. It feels nothing like acrylic and would be lovely for any bub. Despite my love for it’s texture I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest yarn to work with and caused me alot of trouble when casting on. Do you sometimes get a really big first row when you cast on using the 2 needle method? I often get that problem, but never as bad as today maybe it was my tension, or the needles were wrong but nothing seemed to work! In the end I frogged my first 5 rows and cast on with smaller needles then went up to the big ones for the first row. This somewhat fixed my problem but I still have a weird gap at the start.
Herdwick Dell Scarf 3
– I have only completed around 2/5 of the scarf –

I have a couple of photos of a lovely Herdwick Dell scarf from a Lion Brand hat and scarf pattern. I started this set late last year and the hat was a very quick knit, the scarf however is still sitting around waiting to be finished and I just can’t bring myself to finish it. This was my first attempt at cables, and I’m hooked! I still haven’t decided who it will go to.

Herdwick Dell Scarf 1
– A closer look at the cable pattern –

Happy Knitting : ]