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helllo : )

This is the first blog I have created and I’m sure it ill be a good experience, I really enjoy knitting so I would like to share with you what a come up with and a few patterns of my own eventually!

Holidays have started so lately I’ve had lots of spare time for new creations. I recently finished  my first sweater type thing for my dog.
I used Talking Tails Sweater Pattern for the basis of my sweater, but since Cabana, is a mini sausage dog (dachshund) he won’t fit the standard XS sizes so I had to adjust the measurements. I wouldn’t say it is my finest work, and later on I would like to follow a more set pattern, as I work best with those, but at least it fits him and will keep him warm this winter.

Cabana Navy Blue 1
Cabana Navy Blue 3

You can see a bit of an electric blue collar I also knit up for him

Cabana Navy Blue 4
Right now I’m knitting up really thick multicoloured blanket/one piece afghan using 9mm needles, I just started so it may take a while.

Happy Knitting