Why you shouldn’t leave your knitting on the floor…

Heaps and heaps of knitting has been going on – including the completion of my very first socks! Now I wouldn’t say these socks have had an easy making, in fact these babies have lived through some horrific events (more info below). I decided to make these using a Rico knitting kit, not knowing very much about the brand I bought a sock kit incl. 5 2.5mm dpns, 2 balls of Rico ‘Hobby Print’ sock wool and instructions.

my first ever socks 1

I will admit I was nervous about knitting on dpns as I had tried before and my attempt was… I don’t really have a word for it – but lets just say I gave up that dream. Months later I see this kit and say to myself ‘I can do knit it’ and after about 5 cast on attempts I did! I was soo pumped I finished the first sock in about 4 days and started the second one straight after hoping my sock knitting will improve and to some extent it did. But my problems with the pattern didn’t. I hate to bring down patterns or brand/labels but this really frustrated me… I didn’t realise until purchasing the product that it was primarily in German will small captions of english beneath – this was my first issue. My second one was that it wasn’t very specific and would have to be the vaugest knitting pattern I have ever read, usually this would of been ok if I knew what I was doing but not this time since I had never knit a sock in my life.

I guess these are my mistakes and picking up a kit without glancing at the pattern first is my fault, I got swept up in the moment and the site of yarn who doesn’t?
Anyway before I make more excusees for myself I’ll go on with my story.. I was about 1/4 the way through my second sock and stopped knitting at around 9:30pm to watch some tv and relax I placed my knitting on the floor next to the sofa I was sitting on and forgot all about it (I know I’m naughty..) I went to sleep and was woken up a couple hours later with a cry of pain! It turns out my dad had tredded on my not-so-carefully-placed-sharp-metal-dpn-knitting and poked his foot! Now don’t worry – he’s alright I reckon it was the shock of it more than anything but that was enough to make me be very,very careful about where I leave my knitting and think about investing in some not so sharp bamboo dpns.

my first ever socks 1

My first attempt at blocking also came along with this project and I must admit I do love it! It helps sort out the proper shape of your knitting and not very hard to set up, it really helped give a better finishing shape to the cuff of my sock especially.

my first ever socks 1

Pattern: Rico Socks (came in a knitting kit)
Yarn: Rico sock wool 65% Superwash (The specifics are in German, sorry)
Colourway: Hobby Print – (Quite nice but not my first pick)
Modifications: Well since it didn’t really tell me how long to make the cuff I sort of made it up as I went along, it also said to pick up 29 selvedge sts before knitting the gusset, I did so on the first sock and it didn’t look right at all so I only picked up 24 on the second and the result was much better
Thoughts: All in all it helped me achieve my finish product and they fit like a glove but I thought the pattern wasn’t suitable for a begginer at all. I also didn’t like their choice of heels the ‘German Strap Heel’ maybe it’s just me but I didn’t really fancy it. I wouldn’t knit it again or recommend it for a begginer knitter, I had a lot of problems with it, it was nice to have them completed

I have a couple of more WIP on the way which I will update you with shortly!

Happy Knitting : )

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